Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kate's Mother, Carole Middleton. As a Royal Baby is on the Way, Will She Become Most Powerful Granny in Britian?

Caption: If the Duchess does have a girl, she might name her Elizabeth, as a nod to the Queen. 

Caption: Carole Middleton's influence is increasing to such a degree that some are suggesting she and husband Michael be given a title

It is also both Carole and Kate's middle name The prospect of a little Princess increases the already strong chances that this baby will be brought up royal, but essentially a Middleton.

Some royal watchers think William has become one. As a first granddaughter naturally gravitates towards her maternal grandmother, and Carole has raised two daughters (in a highly dedicated fashion) and Charles none, this naturally strengthens her position even further.

Of course, the Queen will take an active interest in her new heir or heiress. So there will be no shortage of strong female role models for the little Princess.

And, although Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have wangled themselves in front of Kate in the royal pecking order, they will have to curtsey to Kate and William’s child. There’s no way round that one, girls.

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